Hi! Welcome to my amateur blog! I’m Vinushka Rajamani Fernando, married to my frenemy of 15 years and exploring newly married life. It’s been a crazy fun ride and it is only going to get better.

My experiences in the recent past have triggered in me a passion to do something out of my own for the Lord and for his children and then I got to thinking – I can’t sing neither can I draw or paint (except for match stick figures).


God has been so good to me! I have a passion to speak of his goodness about the different experiences he’s given to me in my life – the places I go to, the things I love to eat, the obstacles I over come, the little achievements I treasure and my constant interests to record all of these and share it on social media. Yes! thats what I have! The comfort and confidence of sharing everything about myself on my Instagram all the time. Each time I do so, at the back of my head the intention behind every one of my posts is – ‘my heavenly father always makes me smile’.

Thats what I want to do with my blog, I want to share my past journey and my present experiences with you that at some point you would want to have an encounter with my Heavenly Father and experience His love, His counsel and His strength for yourself!

This is not going to be some pretty blog about all the pretty things alone, it will be about the hurdles that people face in the world but with God by my side I will jump right over it or just lift the hurdle fence with my finger and throw it away! Such is his grace and favour!